Our Story

In 2014, Kip Nelson and a host of volunteers were inspired to organize a first-class prom for community friends with special needs, including those with Autism, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and other physical challenges. After months of planning and hoping for 30 participants to attend, the first Night to Remember prom was held in May 2015 for 48 special needs guests, 30 caregivers and 150 volunteers. In 2017, we hosted 141 special needs guests, 219 caregivers and more than 137 volunteers on April 23.

The event is organized with two goals in mind: The first goal is to pair our “Honored Guests” with an able-bodied “Host Volunteer” to ensure their safety and enjoyment of the prom. Volunteer hosts come from area schools, churches or businesses. This has led to many new friendships formed, plus the development of new understandings between the Honored Guests and Hosts. Secondly, we want to honor and celebrate our Honored Guests with a first-class prom. Instead of being marginalized, our Honored Guests are loved and celebrated.

Our Guests are the ROCK STARS of the Night!

A few of the most remarkable things about Night to Remember is the breadth of people it reaches and the ways in which it touches their lives. Night to Remember is an event designed to reach friends with special needs; the impact on that group is unquestionable. Furthermore, this event has positively impacted the mainstream Hosts as well. Lastly, this event has truly multiplied the happiness for everyone.

“What started as a discussion in February of 2014 has turned into an event that has already impacted hundreds of people in the Kansas City area. This is an event we are passionate about, not because of any personal interest, but because it serves a real and genuine need in the community. Barriers are broken and friendships are formed through this prom,” reports Kip.

In 2017 we have made the transition into a not-for-profit organization. We believe this path will better allow us to put together our goal of a first-class prom, especially as we continue to grow. We hope that you will consider donating to Night to Remember and help us celebrate these very special people.

Executive Committee

Kip Nelson

Interim President

Drue Donnell


Roger Denton

Security Director

Laney Caldwell

Salon Director

Damon Clawson


The Executive Committee of Night to Remember is a hard-working and dedicated group of people that strongly hold this vision in their hearts. If you were to ask each of them about this cause, they would go on and on about what an amazing experience it is for these special guests, as well as for themselves and all of the volunteers.

Board of Directors

Kip Nelson


Brianne Miller


Josen Ruiseco